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What to do During Quarantine: A Teen Interview and a Request!

Dear All,

First, Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the mothers the aunties, teachers, grandmothers, guardians, and all of you  that have had a hand in helping to raise a child. Thank you!

Second, while it is usually just me on the videos reflecting what I see in working with teens,I thought for a change it would be nice to actually hear from one :).

I am super impressed with this teen as she is a graduating eighth grader and would go back to school in a heartbeat…but since she can’t right now she talks about how she and her family are making the best of this time.

In the video below she reflects on screentime…citing the realities, well, for many of us: 

Screen Reflection

In this next video, she talks about how she and her sister have made use of their time…

What to do in Quarantine
Home made mac n’ cheese
I’d love to hear from you! Please send a pic or brief reflection on any of the questions below (along with what grade you’re in: middle school, high school, college, grad school?):
What have you been doing during quarantine? 
What has been hard or…maybe easy?
Anything else you want to tell me.
I continue to offer Virtual Office Hours (Monday-Friday 12pm-1pm Pacific Time) Open to students who would like to work in community or have a brief question. You can come and go anytime between 12-1pm.

Feeeling stuck? Worried about being *behind* this summer?  Would you like some more tools and tips for distance learning?  Sign up here for a complimentary Destressify Yourself Session.
If I can be of service in any other way, please feel free to reach out! 
Wishing you a stress-less week! Warmly,

Free Webinar: Tech and Teens in the Age of Social Distance Learning

Hi All,

I wanted to remind you that in an effort to answer your questions around teens and technology , please join me on Tuesday, May 5th at 1pm Pacific Time for an interview with Julie Paul, the director of Heard It From A Friend, an organization that helps families artfully and practically navigate screen time with their children and teens. This webinar is appropriate for parents of students of all ages. Teens, you are also welcome to attend!

If you can’t attend live, you can still sign up to receive the recording.

Hope to see you on Tuesday!



Are you having trouble reading and annotating…an then remembering what you annotated?


I hope that you continue to be well during this time. It seems strange to give a specific study tip at this moment, but I do know that you all have homework, and even for some, it has piled up even more! In the video below, I share three steps (and the importance) of keeping track of your annotations while reading. 

Also, I continue to offer Virtual Office Hours (Monday-Friday 12pm-1pm Pacific Time ): Open to students who would like to work in community or have a brief question. You can come and go anytime between 12-1pm.

Onto the video!

Are you having trouble reading and annotating…and then remembering what you annotated?
  • Using an e-reader? Use the highlighter and note feature. Then, write/type your annotations on a chart.
  • Don’t have access to post-its? Write/type your annotations on your chart as you read (instead of waiting until the end of your reading session).

If you are feeling stuck or would like some more tools and tips for studying please feel free to sign up here for a complimentary Destressify Yourself Session.

If I can be of service in any other way, please feel free to reach out!

Wishing you a stress-less week!


Do I have to replicate the school day for me or for my kiddos? (psst…no!)

I know that many schools are starting online classes and some schools are giving students work to complete on their own. Regardless, Jessica Finnigan and I would love to help you design a calendar so that parents can get their work done, kiddos can get their work done and everyone can have some down time! Regardless of distance learning (now) or when school is in session (hopefully in the Fall) creating a calendar is a useful tool for everyone’s stress to diminish. Please join us on Wednesday, April 8th at 4pm Pacific Time for How to Make a Family Calendar ($25.00) to either attend live or receive a recording. Appropriate for parents of students of all ages and students 10+ accompanied by a parent/guardian). In the video below, I describe what a family calendar IS and what it IS not. I hope you find it useful.

Also, your student can sign up for my virtual office hours here (12-1pm Pacific Time). If students have a question or want to work in community they are welcome to attend!

As always, please fee free reach out with any questions and/or if I can be of service in anyway!

Stay home,stay healthy, stay stress-less and stay  sane!

Sarah Weidman

New Class! Make a Family Calendar that Everyone Will Check

Hi All,

I know that those of you with kids at home might be struggling with routine! Or maybe…you wish your kids would know when they were supposed to do what!

Please join Jessica Finnigan and I on Wednesday, April, 8th at 4pm Pacific time for How To Make, Check, and Update a Family Calendar that Everyone Will Look At. $25 through Friday, April 3rd ($50 after that). Recording offered and available.

Appropriate for older children accompanied by adults.

Sign up here (or the link above)!

Hope to see you there and please reach out if you have any questions!



Parent Webinar on Communication and…a spontaneous interview about lists!

Dear All,

I hope that this email continues to find you healthy and 
well. Before I get to the video I wanted to share with you a few offerings this week. My colleague Jessica and I had so much fun doing a webinar for parents last week on How To Create A Routine. We’ve decided to continue the series and will be hosting another parent webinar this Wednesday, 2pm Pacific Time.(no need to watch it live) on Communication. Please sign up here. I will also be offering this week:

  • 20 minute Dynamic Mindfulness Practice. 9:30am Pacific Time. Geared towards teens and everyone is welcome. All physical abilities and challenges welcome. No prior experience needed. 
  • Virtual Office Hours. 12-1:00pm. Mon-Friday Pacific Time. . For any student who has a question, could use some motivation, or just wants to work in community!
  • Stress-less Student Consultations. Need help putting a schedule together? Work on a particular assignment? I’m happy to help! Sign up here or respond to this email.

Now onto the video! Like many of you, I have been having virtual  hangout sessions with friends and family. During one such tea my dear friend Swami Divyananda started speaking about how she makes lists and I just had to press record….notice the compassion she has for herself and the “back-burner” list…and please forgive the poor video quality!

I have also heard from students different ways that they are keeping themselves on track and what they’ve learned about themselves.

Two sixth graders make schedules for themselves (one pictured here).

 One eighth grader realized for herself that she was getting way to distracted by her phone and put a block on it during certain times.

What have you learned [no matter how small or big] during this time? Let me know either in the comments below or by contacting me at sarah@sarahrweidman.com

Hoping all of you are staying healthy, stress-less and sane!
Sarah Weidman

Three Tips for Long Distance Learning

In this video I offer three simple tricks for Surviving Distance Learning.

3 Simple Tips for Distance Learning

Also, this week I am offering free virtual office hours for students. Come work in community and/or ask a question! They will be held on Wednesday, 3/18: 12-1 Thursday, 3/19: 12-1:30 and Friday, 3/20 12-1:30.
Sign up here if you are interested.

If you would like a free daily mindfulness practice (live at 10am or recorded) sign up here. No experience necessary! Geared towards teens, AND all are welcome!

For Parents:
Free Parent Webinar: Surviving Distance Learning. Today at 2pm Pacific Time. Sign up here if you are interested (no need to attend live).

For Parents and Students:
I am offering half hour consultations. If you would like some help setting up a schedule or have a question about a particular assignment please click here.

If I can support you in any other way, please feel free to reach out! Hoping that this message finds you and your family healthy, stress-less and sane!

How Do I Get My Parents to Listen?

Happy Monday!

It’s been awhile (more on that next week)!

In this week’s video I discuss how kiddos can get their parents..well, off their back. Do you ever feel like your parents are nagging? Ever wonder what would help? Parents, do you ever feel like you are nagging?

In this video I share how, as a teen you might get your parent to listen to you a little bit more. It does involve a little bit of planning (and I share how to do that as well)–but I think the payoff might be well worth it!

Watch more to find out the deets!

As always, I’m curious if any of you tried this or would like some help with it. For more tips and tools for how to study please feel free to schedule your complimentary Destressify Yourself session!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Sarah Weidman

Rock your 2020 Semester

Happy New Year, Everyone! In the video below, I share tips on how to Rock Your Spring Semester!

I’d love to know your goals for this semester. Comment below or feel free to send me an email at sarah@sarahrweidman.com. If you need some help clarifying your goals and setting yourself up for a Rockin Semester, please feel free to reach out.

Wishing you a lovely stress-less entry into 2020.


Sarah Weidman

Two Simple Visuals for Finals

Good luck and if you would like some help in honing your study skills, please feel free to reach out!