For Parents


Is your student’s overwhelm stressing you out and taking over the household?

Are you ready to stop the nagging and have the relationship you want with your teen? Book your complimentary parent call here.

When working with me, your teen will learn skills  that can be used the very next day whether it’note-taking, organization, or breaking down steps for a project.

  • Each plan is personalized depending on each student’s skill sets and challenges.
  • I use a set curriculum in combination with best practices.

Are you naturally organized and therefore  baffled by your teens’ inability to just do the work or do you struggle with the same issues as your teen? Either way, I can help. My unique approach helps students:

  • get better grades
  • procrastinate less
  •  study more efficiently and effectively so that they can rock any test.
  • Organize their assignments and materials

so that you can stop the nagging and destressify the household. In addition, I  coach parents to utilize my services  so that you can:

  • stop being your teen’s tutor
  • set appropriate boundaries and
  • have your life back.


Let’s chat. Book your complimentary parent call here.