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Dance Party!

What does a dance party have to do with homework? You’ll see in less than a minute…

But first, do you struggle with starting your homework and then getting distracted?

Or by staring at your screen and worrying about homework while the minutes [and maybe hours] idle away?

Sooo…how do you actually get a break while still getting your homework done?
And if staring at a screen is not really rest , then…what is a break?

Rest is anything that gives the brain a break from the task at hand, but allows it to be rejuvenated so that one can easily go back to the task at hand.

Perhaps..energizer might be a better word.

Depending on what state I’m in (tired and drowsy, lethargic, don’t feel like doing anything) or anxious and hyper depends on the type of rest that I might take. It also depends on how much time I have. Here are some ways that I rest for rejuvenation. If I have 15-20 minutes:

  • Brisk run or walk (I run for 7.5 minutes one way and then back 7.5 minutes. You can also do this with a walk).
  • Sretching. I exercise a lot and often times my legs are tired. I also sit a lot and like everyone am guilty of typing…so any kind of stretch for my wrist (try kneeling on the ground and then putting your hands on the floor-your fingertips pointing towards your knees-and/or, stretching one finger at a time using the other hand.
  • Lying on the floor with my legs against the wall or on a couch. 
  • Watercolors. This works for me because I do not consider myself to be *good* at art which helps my brain relax and just go with the flow.

If I have 5 minutes:

  • Washing the dishes.
  • Stepping outside.
  • A smaller stretch. 
  • Dancing to music. [hence the dance party]
  • Drawing.

Summer is a  great time to brainstorm and practice new rest strategies for during the school year. Once you have your list, you can put it near your work-space. 

For the month of August challenge yourself to use one of your rest techniques at least once a day for increments of five minutes. This practice will create muscle memory and add rejuvenation to your day and…your homework.

I’d love to know! What are your favorite ways to rest?

Want accountability for your challenge? Email me! I’d love to know how it’s going.

If you just…

If you just..

Heard  this phrase before?

Watch the video [and/or] read below to learn what steps I take to deal with this phrase. Also! I ask you some questions at the end of the video and at the bottom of this blog. If you are so inclined, I would love to see your comments below!

If you just…

  • were organized
  • used a calendar
  • paid attention
  • studied
  • had a system
  • (fill in the blank)

If you have been told If you just… chances are you are there is a certain amount of stress or struggle around school. You may be  so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what the first step is to implement any of the above skills and/or you are so used to a certain pattern that you are in denial that  any of the above skills are necessary to make a difference in you stressed out life…

I want to tell you two things:

  1. At least part of your  struggle is that you have internalized the voices that tell you you don’t have any of the above skills. IThe truth is, you probably practice at least a part of one of these skills. It doesn’t mean that aren’t gaps, but….
  2. in order to be able to be successful at a skill you first have to stop and celebrate the parts of that skill that you already practice.  

My example:

I was told I was disorganized over and over again and that all I needed was a “system.” Therefore, I assumed I didn’t have a system and stayed disorganized.

It wasn’t until I moved for the umpteenth time that I realized that I did have a system: I set my space up in the exact same way every time.

My system needed a lot of tweaking for sure (and I have to be VIGILANT about keeping my space clean because it does not come naturally),  but first I had to stop and celebrate that indeed I was more organized than I thought I was.

This released a certain story around “failure and organization” allowing my mind to celebrate.

Only then, could I move on to the next question:what in my system needs to be tweaked so that I can feel less stress?

Please answer the following questions in the comments below:

What is the word or phrase that you hear after  If you just…?”

What part(s)of that skillset do you already practice?

What needs to be tweaked?

 As always if I can be of service please DO reach out.

What does a bike ride have to do with school?

Hi All,

In the video below you will notice that I am somewhat wet! Some of my greatest A-HA moments are realized while I am on my bike, or doing laps in the pool-or running (very slowly)-and this was no different! This is all about adaptability-how can you change something when the circumstances are not what you want or expected? After watching the video, I would love to hear any questions or any A-HA! moments you’ve had when the circumstances are different than what you wanted or expected….

How do I stay awake to finish my homework?

So many of my students are so exhausted and stressed out when they come home from school..they take a nap and then find themselves up late again finishing their homework. Is that you as well? are In this video I show you a few very short, simple exercises to do before you start (or continue) to do your homework to help re-energize you before starting your homework.

After watching the video I would love to know: what do you do now to help energize yourself when you come home from school? Looking for more study tools and tips? Please feel free to reach out! I would love to talk with you.

Wondering how to study for finals [and other tests]?

Wondering how to prepare for finals? I was working with a student who said that he had so much homework he didn’t have time to study. I get it. It’s hard, as a student, when you  are so used to be given a structure [homework] and then have to find your own structure for studying! Watch this video for tips on preparing for finals (and other tests). Then,comment below on how you are taking small active steps to make sure that you are prepared for test day!

Want to make sure that you stay in action? The accountability group may be perfect for you; a facilitated group for 9th and 10th graders in which students hold each other accountable for actions they want to complete throughout the week.

Contact me for more information! Also, I still have room in my Summer and Fall practice! I tend to fill up in October when students are already falling behind. Let’s talk about how we can put organizational and time management systems into place before the school year for a STRESSLESS beginning of the year.

How to Reflect on a Project or Presentation…

Do you find yourself second guessing yourself after you’ve finished a test, project, or presentation…or sometimes maybe even obsessing about it? Watch this video for a tip on how to reflect after you’ve finished. How do you reflect? Let me know below!

The Most Horrible…

Have trouble getting the first words of a first draft started? Do the words stay in your mind, until it’s perfect and then it’s 8pm before the final paper is due and your still staring at a blank page? Watch this video to find out about The Most Horrible First Draft Ever. Do you struggle with writing papers? Comment below about your struggles and strategies for getting started.