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How Do I Get My Parents to Listen?

Happy Monday!

It’s been awhile (more on that next week)!

In this week’s video I discuss how kiddos can get their parents..well, off their back. Do you ever feel like your parents are nagging? Ever wonder what would help? Parents, do you ever feel like you are nagging?

In this video I share how, as a teen you might get your parent to listen to you a little bit more. It does involve a little bit of planning (and I share how to do that as well)–but I think the payoff might be well worth it!

Watch more to find out the deets!

As always, I’m curious if any of you tried this or would like some help with it. For more tips and tools for how to study please feel free to schedule your complimentary Destressify Yourself session!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Sarah Weidman

Paper Boxes + Learning

This weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to be on a creative retreat. Often times the idea of *doing art* makes me nervous because I don’t consider myself a *GOOD* artist, but the materials and paints were so shiny and fun that I just had to engage…I decided to learn how to make paper boxes. See how it went and how it relates to studying in the video below.

Paper Boxes + Studying

I’d love to know how you changed information around so that you could understand it better! Also, if you would like some help in building more effective study habits, please feel free to reach out!

Wishing you a stressless entry into 2020!


Sarah Weidman

Rock your 2020 Semester

Happy New Year, Everyone! In the video below, I share tips on how to Rock Your Spring Semester!

I’d love to know your goals for this semester. Comment below or feel free to send me an email at If you need some help clarifying your goals and setting yourself up for a Rockin Semester, please feel free to reach out.

Wishing you a lovely stress-less entry into 2020.


Sarah Weidman

Two Simple Visuals for Finals

Good luck and if you would like some help in honing your study skills, please feel free to reach out!

Five Simple Steps to Get in Action!

Welcome back [for those of you who had a break this week]. I know how hard it is to come back to school after a break and wanted to honor that with this video in which I compare going on a bike ride to…studying for finals. What steps do you find helpful? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email!

  1. Gather your gear (materials}
  2. Stay in the moment.
  3. Adapt as needed.
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments.
  5. Rely on your team!

Need someone to celebrate with you? Send me an email. I’m happy to be on your team. Also, if you need a boost in preparing for finals see below:

Rock Your Finals, One Day Workshop!

Need a little extra boost studying for finals? Sign up here for a one hour workshop on Wednesday, December 4th at 6pm Pacific Time. If you can't make it, no worries! Sign up anyway, and I am happy to send you the recording.


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One (more) Simple Step to Rock Your Finals!

Dear All,
Before the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to give you one more simple step that you can do to prepare for Finals. Also, I will be doing a one hour workshop on preparing for finals on Wednesday, December 4th at 6pm. If you can’t make it live, no worries! Sign up and I am happy to send you the recording.
Wishing you all a stress-less Thanksgiving break (for those who have it) and for everyone else a lovely stress-less week!
Sarah Weidman

Rock Your Finals, One Day Workshop!

Wednesday, December 4th 6pm PST. Learn simple tricks and techniques that you can do to Rock Your Finals! Can't make it? No worries! Sign up anyway and I'll send you the recording.


Rock Your Finals!

Rock Your Finals!

Rock Your Finals, One Day Workshop! Wednesday, December 4th; 6pm, PST

In this one-hour online workshop you will learn simple tricks and tools to ace your finals!


Rock Your Finals! Workshop includes:

  • how to backwards plan.
  • a list of simple tools and tricks for acing your finals.
  • a template that you can use to make a study plan.

Thanks, Mom!

The last time my mom came to visit she did my dishes. I wasn’t so happy. She’s coming to visit again this week and I’m really excited because she’s going to help me clean out my closet (she doesn’t know it yet, hee hee!) What’s the difference between the two? Why was I not so happy when she did my dishes, but now I’m excited for her to help me clean out my closet? Watch the video to find out why…

What kinds of questions do you think would be okay for your parents to ask you? Parents, what kinds of questions have you been successful in asking your teens about homework?

Parents, have you been successful in asking your teens about homework? What has worked?

If you would like to discuss further or for more study tips and tools please feel free to contact me here.

For a fabulous book on this topic I recommend: The Self/ Driven Child by William Stixrud and Ned Johnson.

The Wacky Hair-do

Sooo…this week I talk about how to make sure that you check for assignments that you think you’ve missed…however, I couldn’t help but notice as I reviewed the video that there’s a little piece of hair sticking out, ha! The morning I made this video it was very early in the morning…usually my best thinking time. While my piece of hair sticking out has little to do with the content, perhaps it’s a good lesson in…being yourself or at least…a little humor to start off your week.
Enjoy and as always, if you’d like to talk more about study skills (hair is obviously not my expertise, although I do love my hair stylist) please feel free to contact me here.

Breaking Down Tasks…in A

Some of my students like to take breaks after they are finished with one task and others like to do it by time. Do you prefer one over the other? Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed and would like some help in breaking down tasks and/or for other study tips please feel free to send me an email or contact me here.