New Class! Make a Family Calendar that Everyone Will Check

Hi All,

I know that those of you with kids at home might be struggling with routine! Or maybe…you wish your kids would know when they were supposed to do what!

Please join Jessica Finnigan and I on Wednesday, April, 8th at 4pm Pacific time for How To Make, Check, and Update a Family Calendar that Everyone Will Look At. $25 through Friday, April 3rd ($50 after that). Recording offered and available.

Appropriate for older children accompanied by adults.

Sign up here (or the link above)!

Hope to see you there and please reach out if you have any questions!



In School vs. Distance Learning

Before sharing this week’s video I have a few acknowledgements and a favor….
Acknowledgments and Thank yous: Thank you to all of the people who work with the public: from medical staff, to grocery store workers, and I want to  also acknowledge students who are extroverts that feel best and safest at school and those that are finding out that events like prom have been cancelled-I’m sorry. 
Request: If you are willing (no matter who you are reading this post) I would love it if you would share a picture, a quote, or brief words sharing how this worldwide pandemic is affecting you, your family, and with others that you are in touch. Thank you.


  • If you attended or signed up to watch the webinars the past two weeks, thank you! I hope you found them useful. If you would like to receive the webinars and slides please let me know here and I’m happy to send them to you.
  • Also, on Wednesday, April 8th at 4pm Pacific Time Jessica and I will be offering a workshop/class for parents/guardians and the whole family: Making and Keeping a Family Calendar that Everyone Will Check and Update. The cost for the workshop is $50.00 per family household (and as many people in the family household are welcome to attend) but $25 if you sign up by this Friday, April 3rd.  The There is limited space. Please reach out if you have questions.
  • Virtual Office Hours (Monday-Friday 12pm-1pm Pacific Time ): Open to students who would like to work in community or have a brief question. You can come and go anytime between 12-1pm.
  • Mindfulness in the Mornings: Monday-Tues, Thurs-Friday. Geared towards teens and everyone is welcome (no experience necessary).

Now onto this week’s video:

3 Study Hacks for Distance Learning

If I can be of service in any other way please feel free to reach out!

Wishing you all a healthy, stress-less and sane week!


Sarah Weidman

Parent Webinar on Communication and…a spontaneous interview about lists!

Dear All,

I hope that this email continues to find you healthy and 
well. Before I get to the video I wanted to share with you a few offerings this week. My colleague Jessica and I had so much fun doing a webinar for parents last week on How To Create A Routine. We’ve decided to continue the series and will be hosting another parent webinar this Wednesday, 2pm Pacific Time.(no need to watch it live) on Communication. Please sign up here. I will also be offering this week:

  • 20 minute Dynamic Mindfulness Practice. 9:30am Pacific Time. Geared towards teens and everyone is welcome. All physical abilities and challenges welcome. No prior experience needed. 
  • Virtual Office Hours. 12-1:00pm. Mon-Friday Pacific Time. . For any student who has a question, could use some motivation, or just wants to work in community!
  • Stress-less Student Consultations. Need help putting a schedule together? Work on a particular assignment? I’m happy to help! Sign up here or respond to this email.

Now onto the video! Like many of you, I have been having virtual  hangout sessions with friends and family. During one such tea my dear friend Swami Divyananda started speaking about how she makes lists and I just had to press record….notice the compassion she has for herself and the “back-burner” list…and please forgive the poor video quality!

I have also heard from students different ways that they are keeping themselves on track and what they’ve learned about themselves.

Two sixth graders make schedules for themselves (one pictured here).

 One eighth grader realized for herself that she was getting way to distracted by her phone and put a block on it during certain times.

What have you learned [no matter how small or big] during this time? Let me know either in the comments below or by contacting me at

Hoping all of you are staying healthy, stress-less and sane!
Sarah Weidman

Three Tips for Long Distance Learning

In this video I offer three simple tricks for Surviving Distance Learning.

3 Simple Tips for Distance Learning

Also, this week I am offering free virtual office hours for students. Come work in community and/or ask a question! They will be held on Wednesday, 3/18: 12-1 Thursday, 3/19: 12-1:30 and Friday, 3/20 12-1:30.
Sign up here if you are interested.

If you would like a free daily mindfulness practice (live at 10am or recorded) sign up here. No experience necessary! Geared towards teens, AND all are welcome!

For Parents:
Free Parent Webinar: Surviving Distance Learning. Today at 2pm Pacific Time. Sign up here if you are interested (no need to attend live).

For Parents and Students:
I am offering half hour consultations. If you would like some help setting up a schedule or have a question about a particular assignment please click here.

If I can support you in any other way, please feel free to reach out! Hoping that this message finds you and your family healthy, stress-less and sane!

Surviving Long-Distance Learning (Part II)-Free Parent Webinar and More!

I hope first and foremost that this post finds you healthy and well. Any small disruptions in a routine can cause rifts, and unfortunately, the coronavirus is causing a BIG disruption in everyone’s routine. 

With many schools switching to Long-Distance Learning in the foreseeable future I wanted to let you know about a few offerings:

For Parents

  • A free webinar to take place on Wednesday, March 18th at 2pm Pacific Time (5pm Eastern Time) entitled:Surviving Long-Distance Learning. My colleague Jessica Finnigan and I will cover the importance of and how to create routines for students while they are home and you are home! Please sign up here if you are interested. Can’t make it? We will have a recording of it as well.

For Parents and Students

  • Half hour Consultations that include any questions for setting up schedules, to breaking down assignments, to help with a particular assignment. Please sign up here or respond directly to this email.
  •  20 minute Mindfulness Practice.Monday, March 16th. 9 am Pacific Time.Need help starting your day but not quite ready to work yet? Never done mindfulness before? No problem. This is a very simple practice that will get you started with your day (or give you a nice break). Link is here.

For Students:

  •  Office Hours on Tuesday, March 17th from 12-2 Pacific Time. Need an extra push? Tired of feeling isolated? Come work in community! Brief questions will be answered (such as how do I get started? I don’t know what to do. How do I write this essay? I don’t have questions, but I’m not getting anything done…help!). Just want community? No problem! Bring your homework and get to work! If you want to come, but are feeling shy you can always turn your camera off and mute your audio [there’s an option for us to chat privately so that I can support you best!] You can let me know that you’re coming by emailing me at or just show up! Link is here.

Stay tuned for a video tomorrow on how-tos for Distance Learning.

Wishing you all a healthy and stress-less afternoon and evening!

Sarah Weidman

Surviving Distance-Learning

Dear Students and Families,

With many schools closing (and other schools on the brink of closing) I wanted to let you know a couple of upcoming offerings:

  • an upcoming webinar (stay tuned for an update shortly) for parents on a How-to for Distance Learning appropriate for parents of students of all ages.
  • 30 minute consults for students or parents of all ages on any of the following: making a schedule, breaking down assignments, and/or support with a particular assignment I am offering half hour consultations. Please sign up here for an appointment

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly to

Wishing you all a stress-less and healthy few weeks.


Sarah Weidman

Take a Deep Breath

Wait! Before you go…I know that usually we hear that phrase during a time that we absolutely DO NOT want to take a deep breath.

. I get it.

In this video, I talk about how taking a deep breath might be a KEY to impulse control, focus, and working memory; all components that make up less stress and better grades. Watch more to find out!

Take a Deep Breath

Did you try this this week? Did you notice any small changes? I would love to hear from you (even if you didn’t feel any effect)!

Would you like some more tips and tools for destressing yourself (or your teen)? Please feel free to reach out by responding to this email or schedule your complimentary Destressify Yourself Session!

Also, look for an email later this week for information on new offerings for this Spring: Adulting for Young Adults (new sessions for young adults between the ages of 18-26) as well a free webinar for parents: Hands on Parenting, Hands-off Homework.

Wishing you a wonderful, healthy, and stress-less week!



Where Are My Keys?

When I was a young(er) adult I was constantly misplacing my keys. Rather than hide behind the joys and frustrations that the role that keys have played in my life, I thought that it might be more fun and productive to share with you how they have become another protagonist in my life (and perhaps help you at the same time). Without further ado…I introduce to you: My Keys.

Is there a habit that you’ve fallen out of and then been able to get back into? Tell me about it!

Would you like some help creating some consistency? Please feel free to email or schedule a complimentary Destressify Yourself Session!

How Do I Get My Parents to Listen?

Happy Monday!

It’s been awhile (more on that next week)!

In this week’s video I discuss how kiddos can get their parents..well, off their back. Do you ever feel like your parents are nagging? Ever wonder what would help? Parents, do you ever feel like you are nagging?

In this video I share how, as a teen you might get your parent to listen to you a little bit more. It does involve a little bit of planning (and I share how to do that as well)–but I think the payoff might be well worth it!

Watch more to find out the deets!

As always, I’m curious if any of you tried this or would like some help with it. For more tips and tools for how to study please feel free to schedule your complimentary Destressify Yourself session!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Sarah Weidman

Paper Boxes + Learning

This weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to be on a creative retreat. Often times the idea of *doing art* makes me nervous because I don’t consider myself a *GOOD* artist, but the materials and paints were so shiny and fun that I just had to engage…I decided to learn how to make paper boxes. See how it went and how it relates to studying in the video below.

Paper Boxes + Studying

I’d love to know how you changed information around so that you could understand it better! Also, if you would like some help in building more effective study habits, please feel free to reach out!

Wishing you a stressless entry into 2020!


Sarah Weidman