The Stressless Student

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Sarah Weidman is  an academic life coach, working with stressed out teens who are overwhelmed by school pressure to help them get their work done without the stress!

She also teaches  and practices yoga, competes in endurance events,  loves to write and perform, and travel.

Sarah has been a classroom teacher for over ten years and knows  from experience as a teacher and a student that not being able to produce because of  poor time-management and organization can feel insufferable! She works with students from late elementary through graduate school, and her approach is as unique as the students she works with. If you’re interested in  more details about how the system she uses helps those with learning differences or those who are simply overwhelmed to bust through these studying woes please schedule your free Destressify Yourself Session today!

In June of 2014, after eight years of classroom teaching Sarah left the school environment in search of her next step. After a year of focusing on personal development she   realized that she very much enjoyed teaching and sought an environment to do so which  continued to feel in line with her values and the enthusiasm for which she chose education: forming relationships with students and parents as well as teaching life skills as applied through academic content.

A friend and colleague of hers Gretchen Wegner, had left the classroom many years before Sarah, becoming an Academic Life Coach. She was always envious of her facebook posts as they reflected the type of teaching Sarah wanted to be doing. As luck would have it, Ms. Wegner started a training program for educators! In the Spring and Fall of 2015 Sarah studied with Ms. Wegner to become an Academic Life Coach.

The program in which Sarah uses  serves students with learning differences and those who are simply overwhelmed. Many  of her clients have been diagnosed  with AD(H)D, issues with working memory and executive functioning skills. Other students simply feel overwhelmed by the amount of academic, social, and family obligations and are seeking help to manage their time so that they feel that they are able to get everything done while still enjoying extra-curricular activities and downtime. There is structured format for the sessions (virtual or in person), but each plan is personalized depending on each student’s unique sets of talents and challenges.

When not working with students or blogging, Sarah might be teaching a yoga class, training for the next triathlon, or meditating in the garden.