Parent Webinar on Communication and…a spontaneous interview about lists!

Dear All,

I hope that this email continues to find you healthy and 
well. Before I get to the video I wanted to share with you a few offerings this week. My colleague Jessica and I had so much fun doing a webinar for parents last week on How To Create A Routine. We’ve decided to continue the series and will be hosting another parent webinar this Wednesday, 2pm Pacific Time.(no need to watch it live) on Communication. Please sign up here. I will also be offering this week:

  • 20 minute Dynamic Mindfulness Practice. 9:30am Pacific Time. Geared towards teens and everyone is welcome. All physical abilities and challenges welcome. No prior experience needed. 
  • Virtual Office Hours. 12-1:00pm. Mon-Friday Pacific Time. . For any student who has a question, could use some motivation, or just wants to work in community!
  • Stress-less Student Consultations. Need help putting a schedule together? Work on a particular assignment? I’m happy to help! Sign up here or respond to this email.

Now onto the video! Like many of you, I have been having virtual  hangout sessions with friends and family. During one such tea my dear friend Swami Divyananda started speaking about how she makes lists and I just had to press record….notice the compassion she has for herself and the “back-burner” list…and please forgive the poor video quality!

I have also heard from students different ways that they are keeping themselves on track and what they’ve learned about themselves.

Two sixth graders make schedules for themselves (one pictured here).

 One eighth grader realized for herself that she was getting way to distracted by her phone and put a block on it during certain times.

What have you learned [no matter how small or big] during this time? Let me know either in the comments below or by contacting me at

Hoping all of you are staying healthy, stress-less and sane!
Sarah Weidman

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