Surviving Long-Distance Learning (Part II)-Free Parent Webinar and More!

I hope first and foremost that this post finds you healthy and well. Any small disruptions in a routine can cause rifts, and unfortunately, the coronavirus is causing a BIG disruption in everyone’s routine. 

With many schools switching to Long-Distance Learning in the foreseeable future I wanted to let you know about a few offerings:

For Parents

  • A free webinar to take place on Wednesday, March 18th at 2pm Pacific Time (5pm Eastern Time) entitled:Surviving Long-Distance Learning. My colleague Jessica Finnigan and I will cover the importance of and how to create routines for students while they are home and you are home! Please sign up here if you are interested. Can’t make it? We will have a recording of it as well.

For Parents and Students

  • Half hour Consultations that include any questions for setting up schedules, to breaking down assignments, to help with a particular assignment. Please sign up here or respond directly to this email.
  •  20 minute Mindfulness Practice.Monday, March 16th. 9 am Pacific Time.Need help starting your day but not quite ready to work yet? Never done mindfulness before? No problem. This is a very simple practice that will get you started with your day (or give you a nice break). Link is here.

For Students:

  •  Office Hours on Tuesday, March 17th from 12-2 Pacific Time. Need an extra push? Tired of feeling isolated? Come work in community! Brief questions will be answered (such as how do I get started? I don’t know what to do. How do I write this essay? I don’t have questions, but I’m not getting anything done…help!). Just want community? No problem! Bring your homework and get to work! If you want to come, but are feeling shy you can always turn your camera off and mute your audio [there’s an option for us to chat privately so that I can support you best!] You can let me know that you’re coming by emailing me at or just show up! Link is here.

Stay tuned for a video tomorrow on how-tos for Distance Learning.

Wishing you all a healthy and stress-less afternoon and evening!

Sarah Weidman

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