Do Daily Tasks become Overwhelming when the Project becomes too big?

I’m going to answer this question in one sec!

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And now on to today’s blog and video post!

 Have you experienced that daily tasks become overwhelming when the project gets too big, especially when you’ve been out of the routine for awhile? I imagine a lot of you might be going through this as you start up the school year.

 Here are five steps to make the daily tasks seem a little easier…

 First, identify your goal. One of my client’s big goals is to have a life/school balance. 

 Second, write down a list of actionable daily/weekly tasks that will help you reach your goal. Make sure that these tasks are actionable [if someone were to look through the window or listen in what would they see/hear you doing).

 Third make the list visible. Put the list of of tasks in a place that you can see them (better yet, hang it in a  public place like the refrigerator in the kitchen for greater accountabilty.

Fourth, mark each day (maybe a sticker if you like those) when you do the task. 

Fifth, reflect (mentally or written) on your tasks. 

  • Are you tracking them? 
  • Do you need to break the tasks down into smaller bits to make them more actionable?
  • Do you need accountability or a different kind of accountability? 

*Many of my clients prefer an electronic version of their daily tasks. While I am old-fashioned, I do realize we are in 2019. If you decide to make this list electronic,  make yourself accountable by sharing the tasks on a google doc or spreadsheet with someone that will help you keep to your goals. 

I would love to know! What are your goals this semester? What daily/weekly actions will you take to meet them?

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