How do I know if I’m STUCK?

Do you find yourself ready to get started and then every five minutes checking your phone? Changing your music playlist? or my go-to…opening and closing the refrigerator door? Watch this video about being stuck…and getting unstuck!

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3 responses to “How do I know if I’m STUCK?

  1. healingswithmollygmailcom

    This is great instruction! Asking the question, Why or where am I stuck, and sticking with it until clarity comes, is a wonderful suggestion! and it’s always hard for me to ask for help, so you gave me permission to do do!!!

    I loved this video!!!!

  2. Hi Sarah, with an “h”! Wonderful video. Great info. Are you on YouTube? Hugs, Carol

  3. Hi Dear Carol,
    I am on Youtube! Thanks to you, I just posted my video there as well!

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