When in doubt, the answer is generally “stop”

And to add to the simple answer of “Stop,” you might say, like Thich Nhat Hanh, “Breathe, smile, and go slowly.”

So many problems arise in the world from people doing.  Doing, doing, doing.  We forget that we are often referred to as Human Beings rather than Human doings.  Being is a much more enlightened experience than doing.

D0ing is actually an illusion that stems from identifying with the mind/body.  Ultimately, we are not the doer!  We are the watcher, the consciousness, and we can choose to enjoy the show every step of the way, even if the body/mind is just sitting and breathing, focusing on the breath.

So, when in doubt – stop!  The ego/mind can easily start to say, “But why are you stopping?  All this needs to be done!  This and this must be changed!  There is so much to do and so little time.  Let’s go, go go, now, now, now!”  Ahh, what an illusion.  The ego/mind loves to think that it knows what is right.  It loves to think it knows and has the power to judge right and wrong, good and bad.  Of course, the knowledge the ego/mind operates is incomplete, so ultimately it cannot know.  Who/what is the ego/mind to think it knows what is right and wrong to do in the world?  Surely, the world has existed long before it, and will continue to exist long after it.

So really, the humble answer to any question is “Stop.”  Just being is enough.  Doing is not necessary.  The doing will follow.  But first it is important to center and ground our beingness in Love, in Goodness, in Peace.  We must be what we want to see and experience in the world.  For Peace in the world, experience Peace oneself.  Charity starts at home.  Peace starts at home.  It all starts with our individual, subjective experience.  And from there we build our castles!  We must achieve peaceful ends by peaceful means, Peace is Every Step!

And what is one of the most Peaceful actions/non-actions imaginable?  How about sitting quietly, just breathing, maybe smiling.  Whatever goes on internally is up to you.  Prayer, meditation, sending out love to the world, all these holy, sacred activities seem to be most easily practiced sitting still and silent.

There is ultimately nothing to do, no where to go.  God takes care.  God provides.  God sustains.  God supports and loves, unconditionally!  More like, God is Love.  So there is nothing to fear, and nothing to worry about. Worry and fear and anger and any all negativity are illusions of the ego/mind.  Remember who and what you really are – remember who your Father/Mother is!  Then all the negativity and illusion vanishes.  And we can return to our Peace in just being, rather than doing.

Be. Be. Be.  This Moment the Omnipresent is Present!  Everywhere Present – Love.

Let go of the attachment to changing things in the world, especially if they spark feelings of anxiety and disturb the Peace.  Stay connected with Peace, centered in the Holiness that is Always Present, and live.  God wants nothing.  So we can all strive to be like God and want nothing, realizing that nothing needs to be changed.  And there is always something to enjoy and Love in the Present Moment 🙂

Attachment to any dogma regarding the world of form only creates pain and suffering.  Let it go.  There is not one right way to do anything in the world of form.  Generally, simplicity is a good rule.  And an even greater rule, which transcends form – Love!  Love, Love, Love.  Give, give, give. 🙂  Forget the self and Know the Self.  The True Self in One and All.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Dear Friends,

This blog post was written by a dear friend and blogger who, thought he was writing a post on his site instead of mine (we were both using a shared computer). However, I am so delighted that it “accidently” ended up here! To read more of his inspiring abundance please visit his blog here.

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