Nine Days…

I’ve been talking to my aunt (an ironwoman) a lot lately making sure that my ups and downs during this thing are somewhat in check. I mentioned to her some time ago  that I find myself super weepy in every way when it comes to kindness and athletics. (or just kindness in general).  “I wonder why?” she responded.

“Well, anyone who shows such interest simply because they love what they do and they see that you are trying so hard to accomplish something and they really and truly want to help you get there make me cry. They are examples of I guess what one might call pure intentions. A friend gave me a  framed  poem  the other day and put her own artistic spin on it, and I started tearing up. So it doesn’t take much…”

She wrote, “So exciting to be soooo out there taking risks with folks supporting and cheering you.”

Yes. So amazing to be supported and cheered for. I feel so lucky to be a part of an international community that include  friends, writers, yoga teachers, directors,massage therapists, actors, teachers, students, athletes, coaches, teammates, family members, taxi drivers, tamale ladies, empathetic strangers,cleaning ladies, to name a few…all of these people have at some point (or multiple points) gone out of their way to help or to support me in some way.

I have no idea what the outcome of this crazy race will be in 9 days..(9 DAYS)!! But it is  goofy moments,  big hugs, long walks, meeting your families (parents, children, nieces, nephews), staying in your homes, long car or bus rides, running, walking, kind reprimands, impromptu dancing in front of youtube videos, long and short bike rides,brunch, watching you on stage,teacher talks, flying into crazy ocean waves, coffee dates,  sharing the stage with you, training with you,getting an email from you, hanging out with your cats and dogs, cycling with you, laughing and laughing and laughing, your random acts of kindness, that I end up focusing on when the winds start blowing hard, and my legs don’t wanna move anymore.

So here’s the bottom line:   Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for taking a risk.

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  1. I’m crying. You are worth it! And I am so proud of you!

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