What Have I Gotten Myself Into


Running in La Pila, Mexico City

is a phrase that I often find myself saying. It’s how I got into a Cage Fight last Fall, and how I found myself mountain biking over rivers in Chiapas, and really what has provided me with some of the most beautiful, adventurous, and (sometimes) stupid things that I have done.

Sometimes when I see a child doing something that as an adult, I see has clear negative consequences, I ask the child in a frustrated moment, “Why did you do that?” He or she usually stares at me blankly, and at the moment the shoulders shrug I realize the stupidity of that question. I think if I had thought about some of the “consequences” of my actions that have gotten me to the place of “What Have I Gotten Myself Into” I wouldn’t have experienced the incredibleness of those adventures (to be completely cliché!).

I have friends who will research every possibility of every action that they are about to take (I admire this greatly! I don’t have the patience for that) which is another reason I find myself asking the question that is the title of this entry..frequently. So, my latest action (which I have thought about and whose consequences I can only see as wonder and far away) is that I signed up for an Ironman…yeah. It is not until November 2013, too far away at this moment to even imagine doing…still, I think, from participating in  previous endurance events and enviously (and not so enviously) hearing friends’ and family’s comments about the race, it’s a good idea to train for it. i guess my point is anyone can sign up for anything, and not necessarily commit. So, I’m not at the stage YET (read back in May and then we’ll see) of feeling the “burn” from that.

No, I thought about it today because I went with a triathlon team to a place called Las Aztacas which is a gorgeous park located outside of Cuernavaca that is known for the crystal clear natural springs.  Not knowing the “plan” having been with this group for very little time and only having heard about this little slice of heaven, I had no idea what to expect or what the consequences of my decision to join, might be. The plan, simple enough, was to start by swimming downstream (a warm-up) and then up-stream twice. Sure. Not a problem until one is swimming upstream against the current and wonders if there is a Buddhist proverb somewhere that says something about the silliness of swimming upstream. And then as I let go of any dramatic stories of drowning or getting carried away with the current (it’s quite shallow and the shore is always near) I kinda realized that What I Have Gotten Myself Into was a split moment’s understanding of the idea of doing something that one is more than uncomfortable with so that one can surrender and just relax and be there.

The other objective of this entry is to point out how GORRRGEEEOUUUS Mexico is and not even have to go that far! I think training for an event is 1/4 challenge, 1/4 fitness, and half (well if the numbers added up, more than half) getting out into the most beautiful places in the entire world that I’m not sure (maybe sadly) I would push myself to go if I didn’t have a goal.

I mean yesterday running I started giggling…like I was on a swing in a park because the sun was shining as I ran down and looked out into almost a canyon type beauty. There wasn’t quite giggling today, but enjoyment yes…and little by little  finding ease while going upstream.

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  1. I find myself asking and doing the same thing. haha Kinda funny, I do it in regards to physical things as well as situations where I know I probably shouldn’t do it.
    I was just telling a friend that I was debating on writing a post about when I acted as a translator between a couple of Nicaraguans and an Englishman. It turned into a crazy fiasco but I survived and now have a great story to tell.

    Good luck in the Ironman!

  2. This was a wonderful commentary. Ease going up stream! Remember that! And in GORGEOUS place yet! Remember that too! Ease swimming up stream in a gorgeous place. Enjoyment and ease swimming up stream in a gorgeous place. It’s like a chant that I will remember! LOVED this!

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