The Yucatan, A Robbery, and February

It is pouring outside right now, and so I realized that unless I want to clean my house I have no excuse not to blog! And I will do almost anything not to clean…

I left you all off before Winter Break. I was headed to the Yucatan Peninsula with my friend E. Here are some descriptions of those moments.

  • When we got to our first destination (Isla de Muejeres) on Christmas Day, we found no one to greet us at the reception. Guests told us, “I think they’re full.” Hmmm….we sat on the steps in front waiting until we realized that we probably were not going to be able to stay there. We found a very nice place to stay a couple of blocks away. That is a very Mexican experience.
  • Isla de Mujeres is 8-10Km around the whole island. There were a couple of days when my friend E and I decided to rent cruiser bikes (cause going around the corner to rent bikes with gears would’ve been too much work) and bike around the island. It was absolutely beautiful.
  • Because of erosion and private property there are only a few spots to sit on the beach.  The main beach (two minute walk from our hotel) was crowded with mid-westerners and Canadians. However, sitting on the beach getting a tan, and swimming in clear blue water left me with very little complaints.
  • The island also has many international restaurants…we ate fresh salads, fresh fruit, juices, pizza, etc.
  • We met E’s family for the second part of the visit. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort north of Tulum. We had fun laughing at ourselves at this all-inclusive. However, it was not really Tulum, and so it just leaves room for another visit!

Coming back to Mexico City, a very good friend from the States came for a few days. I think it was during her visit that I really started to love where I live. I started to dive into the routines that I had established for myself and stopped wishing that I hadn’t sold my bike (which I still wish) and went out and bought one! I also started to really get into massage school and even bought a massage table. The weekend after my friend left, I came home after a fabulous day with friends to a completely ransacked apartment. Although all that was taken was a non-functioning computer and some cash I was definitely shook up. Between that, the neighbors, the damp smell of mold I decided it was time to move. A quick note about the robbery: I hesitated to write that here, as many people are already scared for me that I am living in Mexico City. Please keep in mind that robberies do happen all over the world (I had two bikes stolen in SF. One from the basesment!)

I now live on the top floor of a beautiful building in a neighborhood close to fun coffee shops, a 5 minute walk from massage school, the Medellin Market (the fruits and vegetables place), and the gym I  belong too. There is also a bike mechanic around the corner. I was doing fine before I moved here, but now I’m doing really really REALLY fine!


Life is good. Among the daily life things are:

  • I am dedicated to kick-boxing on Wednesdays. I tried Jiu-jitsu which was super frustrating and hard and also really fun.
  • I’m going to try to take dance classes (zumba, for all you dancers I KNOW it’s not “real-dance”) on a regular basis. I went this morning and it was just hilarious!
  • I have a regular taxi driver that picks me up at 5:10 in the morning and always says, “Buenos dias, Sarita.” One day I walked outside and there was a different cab and a different guy. I had a puzzled look on my face and the taxista said, “My dad sent me. He couldn’t make it this morning.” It may seem like a silly anecdote, but it makes me feel taken care of.
  • I am going to camp on Wednesday morning with half the second grade (approx.120 children) and a number of adults. I am actually super excited for it, as camp with kids is always fun! This month has been hard, school-wise, only cause, I think, it’s February which is always a hard month.
  • However, we had student-led conferences on Monday, which, for the most part, make me very sentimental. For those of you who don’t know, a student-led conference is when the child leads their parent(s) through their work, goals, etc. The teacher(s) are supposed to do zero talking (which I’m not quite at that point yet). For the most part, the parents’ interactions with their children is incredibly sweet, proud, and a moment that I feel lucky to witness.
  • My favorite new discovery about the school is that we have a CARPENTER! I mean, there are THREE carpenters! They can build things for my classroom! And I don’t have to leave the campus….

I think that’s all for now! Please feel free to email me with questions and updates from you…:)


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