Just Do It

As many of you know, my first year teaching was probably one of the hardest years of my life (as for many new teacher it often is). After moaning and groaning and moaning and groaning about not being able to do this or that, a colleague who I respect very much, said “You just gotta do it!” This advice, although puzzling at the time, has followed me for the past five years. I recognize that it is not always possible to “just do it!” but it is relieving to me when I recognize that I have a choice. Living here, I have been aware of that motto more than ever. On that note, loosely connected to the above statement here are 9 statements about the past few weeks:

1. Blessings come in the form of connections.

2. I am not an objective grader. In fact, I think grades are completely arbitrary. Maybe the real truth is: from 12-12 on a Saturday and then 9-3 on a Sunday all I did was grade….

3. No matter where I go, an obsession with exercise and nutrition will follow me.

4. I hitchhiked (with friends) on Saturday.  We were in the middle of nowhere trying to find the trail…Ajusco again, which we encountered and climbed maybe half way to the top (last time we got maybe a quarter of the way up)….and then hiked down for beer and tacos at the bottom of the trail. And then….put our thumbs out for a ride back, and upon examining the driver, decided, with our intuition, that he wasn’t a psycho-killer.

5. Laughter can be found anywhere.

6. Hiking in Mexico has been defined by eating and drinking at both the bottom and top of a trail….

7. . Massage school is both fun and relaxing. I fall asleep every time someone gives me a massage (it’s like 8:30pm!) and the people in my class find that hilarious.

8. I love getting out of the city. One weekend we went to Cuernavaca where people go to do nothing! A coworker who happens to live in Cuernavaca drove us there, housed and fed us! (so beautiful, they built their house on lots of green). Another friend let us stay at her house while she was away. We slept, ate, drank, people-watched ,read, and shopped.

9. I am more and more the teacher that I want to be. Part of today was absolutely fabulous, and another part not so much…

10. I’m too lazy to take pictures and I feel guilty about that!




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  1. Love this list, mate! As for #10, definitely do not take any pictures until or unless you’re ready. Photos shouldn’t feel like a chore; if they do, you’ll never take them. So just don’t worry about it, then maybe one day you’ll say “What beautiful light coming in my bedroom window this morning…oh look, here’s my camera!”


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