I’m not gonna lie; it’s been a hard week. Perhaps because of post-vacation blues or maybe the frustration of imperfection is settling in, or because as human beings we have ups and downs.

The week before I left for Oaxaca (I went from Thursday, September 15th through Sunday, September 18th) I was going to write an entry about running, a recurring theme. Running in Mexico City is not easy. High altitude and pollution, finding a pretty route that is not laden with busy streets and traffic jams all add to the already easy excuses of “I don’t want too!” Since school started, off and on, I’ve been waking up early to arrive at school early with a friend, so that I can run on the track or swim in the pool. At 5:45am, my body is barely awake. And running in circles  at an even higher elevation with a view of the NISSAN sign as the most interesting scenery has been a challenge.

Last week I decided to make myself do something for an hour, whether it was walk for half-hour and then run, or run/walk every 30 seconds. And I finally started to feel that sense of peace that reminds me of runs that I’ve had through Golden Gate Park or in the Presidio of San Francisco.

Then, Oaxaca came. My first trip out of the city. Chocolate frios and chocolate calientes. Moles. Artisans selling their crafts in the markets. Clean air. The park across the street from the hostel in which we stayed. The hierve del agua which is a natural infinity pool in the mountains.  And the countryside that just begged for a return visit on a bicycle (we saw a few cyclists!). And then the food market in which stall #100 supposedly has the best mole, or is it Abuelita’s? where everyone sits at the same table and Mama Abuelita comes over and demands your order and brashly, unsmiling drops some fresh guacamole in front of you. But it’s gooood. And then at the end of the meal, when I tell her “Someone on the street recommended that we come here.” And you start to see the corners of her mouth turn up when she nods and asks, “Quien?”

It’s been a week of new beginnings ( started massage school), rushing to get things done (I wasn’t in school on Thursday or Friday), intense learning experiences (we had a workshop Thursday and Friday), and some frustrating run-ins with the city. It’s nice, in this moment, to feel at peace. And I know, that those moments will be up and down, such is life.

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  1. You’re in massage school? Awesome! Can I sign up to be a guinea pig when you return?? And yeah, we all have down weeks/days when it comes to exercise. Believe me I know. oxxo

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