The Body Factory and Other Stories

Saturday: My friend Ellen  had read about the “hiking meccas” around Mexico City from the New York Times. So we took the metro to the last stop on the green line and then hopped in a taxi and told the guy “Ajusco.” We didn’t want the main park entrance, however, and we didn’t know how else to direct him (Ellen said that it was very popular with mountain bikers). So the taxista dropped us off basically in the middle of nowhere, warning us first that there were no taxis that came this way and we would have to walk quite aways back. We were both fine with that. So we set off (watching the sky as it was turning a dark shade of grey). The path, as it turned out, was pretty much straight up and there were no mountain bikers! We passed a couple on our way up (they were on their way down) who said we had quite aways. Ellen started to get altitude sickness, and I was getting nervous about the time of day and the rain clouds forming. So we sat down and ate something and decided that it would be enough of an adventure to walk down the road to the taxis.

Thankfully we did, because it started to rain. Not hard, but it was cold! We were in a pretty good mood, but still I was wondering how long this walk actually was. I wondered aloud, “Why hasn’t a car stopped for us yet?” and really and truly was about to recommend the old thumb trick when a car stopped in front of us and put on its flashers. Out from the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat were the couple offering us a ride!! The girl had just been thinking of us and wondering how we were fairing in the rain. We climbed into the back seat with two of their friends and they gave us a ride back to the city!

It turns out that they sell roller-blades (I think?) and also give workshops. They gave us their card and said that anytime we want them to show us how to climb to the top or go to a roller-skating (in-line skating?) workshop to contact them. Maybe my dream of becoming a Roller Derby Girl will come true!

Sunday: I met up with another new friend, Elaine (Ellen came to) for an aaammmaaaazing brunch. It’s this mediterraneanish restaurant that has a buffet (that’s mainly vegetarian) on Sundays from 11:30-2:00 for like $15.00. All the products are mexican (or most of them) but it’s with a nice zing (Delirio’s, it’s called). And then Ellen and I took a very long walk around our neighborhoods getting a sense of where we live.

There’s a wonderful Saturday morning market right around the corner from me! I can get anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to a vegetable peeler to clothing to anything fried (I’m sure they’d fry the clothing if I wanted them to)!

I have a morning workout buddy who is fabulous. We take a cab for less than $3.00 at 5:45 am and either run around the track or swim. We found a gym called…The Body Factory.  Hmmm…. soon I will be a proud member.

Wednesday: Today was the first day of school. What is going through my mind:

1)Second graders are soooo cute!

2)I have an assistant (AN ASSISTANT!)

3) My desk is clean and I know where everything is.

4) First day hazing ritual:  bus system. There are 70 buses just for the school. Little second graders walking to hopefully the right bus. The kids just know where to go. Okay…please make it home safely, and maybe text me when you get there?

5) I think I will go back tomorrow. 🙂

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