by awaitingadventurer on July 2, 2011

My life is 140 pounds. Maybe 200 if you count the boxes that I had sent to my parents houses and to Mexico City. But 140 pounds of suitcases. That cost me $400. That is too expensive. I must unload.

The day I left San Francisco I was called “Psycho,” and “Crazy-Head,” and I self-named, “Nutcase.” Maybe moving is so physically intense so you don’t really have to focus on the emotions that come up with moving.

For the past three months people have been asking, “So how do you feel about your big move to Mexico?” Glassy-eyed I would mutter some proper response, but really heart racing I was thinking, “I need more boxes,” or “I need to make another run to the-goodwill.” So on the day that I left San Francisco, all said and done, and eight hundred dollars later when asked”how do I feel?”  I would’ve responded shakily,  calm.” But my mind was still racing. Still one-track. Still on that. Boxes are packed. Boxes are gone. Bookshelf-no more. Refrigerator-empty. So, I think, on the day that I leave San Francisco, the city where I spent my twenties and:

  • started on the journey of classroom teaching with Bay Area Teacher Teacher Training Institute
  •  made a kale salad for the first time, and…yummmmm
  • wrote and performed four  solo-shows under the guidance of  W. Kamau Bell and Martha Rynberg
  • fell into an infatuation with a feller or two, or three, or-
  • completed over three triathlons and countless running races
  • discovered how much I like to kick and punch with muay thai kickboxing thanks to Matt O’Brien and 02athletics (James Cook)
  • befriended the cafe dwellers at the local coffee shop, the place that I labeled my living room and the start of many stories
  • locked myself out of my apartment on more than one occasion, and out of my car once
  • was taken in by the magic of The Faithful Fools, an organization whose political work is in the arena of homelessness, and where compassion and understanding for ourselves is essential in the work of helping others others,
  • worked with incredible children, mentors and teachers, and
  • became friends with the most inspiring, fun-spirited, wise, kind, passionate, and compassionate people who make  me laugh and laugh and laugh,
  • and of course wrangled at the last minute to make sure that all of the crumbs were out of the kitchen sink and the toilet was scrubbed squeaky clean, and indeed, all the boxes were packed and made sure I had NO keys,
I am allowed one day of complete insanity!


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  1. Sarah! I miss you in San Francisco! I’m excited for your Mexico City adventure, and I look forward to hearing more. 🙂

  2. Yeah you pretty much snapped there at the end for a sec

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